In 1915 as new again

Behind the expressionistic front, the apartments seem to rise from the contemporary version of the New Objectivity movement which was a direct response to the expressionists. This rare historical contrast of styles results in a playful allure that simply entices you to step further inside and discover what more hidden beauty lies behind the grand facade.

The building was erected in 1915 as a branch of the Stokvis trading office, the largest in Western Europe at that time. Kreidler, Puch, Solex en Z├╝ndapp were all either made or imported by the Stokvis trading office, which also imported Austin passenger cars. In the fifties, the firm still counted 18 different trading departments. Later, in 1972, the company was sold. The Sebastian shampoo company later used this location for training purposes and in the years that followed, it was mainly used as an office building.

Authentic details

After entering it is clear that this is an exceptional location. The authentic coarse stone exterior walls contrast playfully throughout the building with the rhythm of the new building behind it. Behind the bronze monumental doors of Herengracht 9 you will find a second facade made of steel and glass. Here the visitor stands for a moment between past and present. If you take a few more steps, you will enter the future-proof opulence of metropolitan housing; built from the highest quality materials, with long sight lines and authentic details. A surprising architectural effect in every direction. Light and time, the two ultimate designers.

A city is made of stone, but not cast in concrete. Transformation is part of the city. The entire process ultimately took 4 years. But I am happy that we have that we have delivered a beautiful at this unique location."

Luxurious living

It was quite a challenge for the developers to create light-filled rooms behind the closed-off cloak of the historic facades. Because the adjoining buildings only reached to half its depth, they saw a rare opportunity to also create a natural flood of light by way of the side facades. A rare, luxurious living opportunity for a few, lucky new owners.