Playful architectural beauty

It impossible not to stand and admire the facade before you enter: it is a clear example of the “UM 1800 Bewegung”, a conservative architectural movement dating back to the early 20th century. To the left and right of the entrance, your eyes will immediately be drawn to the limestone carvings. Above that, you will see two rows of 5 traditional stained-glass windows. Once inside, you will truly feel its unique history and grandeur.

Now we come to the second facade made of steel and glass. This contrasts playfully with the stone exterior walls and is fully in sync with the contemporary design of the units beyond. The atrium features an elevator and a digital concierge between the new and old facades. “His voice assistant gives instructions to couriers, welcomes visitors, opens the doors and protects the residence.” The elevator… how incredible that it will take you directly to one of the following units.

3 exclusive apartements and
1 unique penthouse

We could describe what you see on the first floor, for example, but the superlatives will only be repeated again and again for each and every floor. One must simply see and experience these rooms in person, because these rooms will impress you more than words can say!


It is the detailing that really jumps out at you in each of the apartments:  the height of the skirting, doors reaching as high as the ceiling, a colourful streak of marble in a bathroom wall, the finishing around the windows…and indeed, the windows themselves. With these views, you are actually talking about glass frames in which the view is more like work of art. Each window provides an artistic portrait: sometimes disguised as panorama of The Hague, a serene courtyard in the back with beyond, the 2 most remarkable and iconic skyscrapers of the city of The Hague. Yet another glass window frame presents an authentic stone wall in the distance. About the glass: triple-glazing ensures absolute silence in every room in the middle of the bustling city.

The atmosphere and allure of the original building remains intact thanks to the original detailing and the vast spaciousness is present on every floor.

Materials & applications